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Happily Ever After Chapter 2 :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 1 0
Happily Ever After Chapter 1
"Actually you know what you need to go to school tomorrow, so instead I’ll tell you about our first date since you don’t have the time," Valarie began; John gave a little whine but listened anyway. I just grinned as she spoke, listening to her talk about meeting my parents. I glanced at John who was glistening with interest. However, when I looked at Laura, she looked disappointed. I scoot over till I was close enough to whisper without distracting the other two.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked. “You looked interested at first but not anymore.”
“Oh… It’s nothing.”
“Come on I’m hip, aren’t I? You can talk to me.”
She snickered at my comment. “You’re so not ‘hip’ just for saying the word hip.”
“Am too! Ask your aunt,” I pouted, earning a few more laughs. “But you’re not weaseling out of this one. What’s wron
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Happily Ever After Prologue
“Hey Aunty! Tell us a story!” my nephew, John, begged. He's a cute little twerp at age ten. He was a spitting image of my brother when he was younger, but his eyes were definitely his mom's. He has short brown hair, that cute kid round face, and his mom's blue eyes and he is always overflowing with energy.
“Why don't you tell him that one about you?” my niece Laura, six years older than his brother, piped in from behind her cell phone. She was pretty, probably a knockout at her school, with all her mother's looks. She has long wavey blonde hair, thin jaw, large blue eyes, and a body most girls would kill for. However, she had a bad habit of being on her phone more often than she was with her family. “You know the one on how you met Aunt Ally.”
“Oooooo- I want to hear that one!”
“I thought you'd want to learn about dragons and knights?” I tried to change the subject.
“No!” he pouted. “Other story!” he ch
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Bus Ride Preview
    Some things in life are beautiful when looked at slowly. We just never really realize it until we slow down and take a look. I don't mean stopping to smell the roses. I mean stopping to watch the hills laze by through the lightly tinted windows of a bus. You'd be surprised just how much it can relax you, just gazing outwards and letting yourself float away with time. Only to be startled out of it as you reach your destination, and in some cases when you miss it.
    I first discovered the miracle of the bus when I needed to take it to college. It was a sunny day, only a few clouds dotting the horizon, when I clambered aboard. I paid the fee and slumped into a seat towards the back. Tired I grabbed for my phone only to realize it was sitting comfortably on my desk basking in the sun. I cursed to myself and began the process of boredom. I looked at the passengers: an elderly man browsing the local newspaper, a bunch of college students talking amongst their groups
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Betrayal Chapter 1 Rework
The sound of heavy steps was masked by the squish of the mud below the feet of Katarina, Cassiopeia, and Talon, as they ran from the barking and howling dogs gaining on them. Protrusions of dead trees snagged at clothing and the thick mud clung to every surface on their body, slowing them down. Their pursuers, dressed in the red and black garb of the Noxian military, were more prepared for the marshes. A large ax spun through the group, forcing the red head to slide to avoid being clipped. Kat didn't even notice when she lost sight of the other two, but she was aware that she was still being followed. She glanced down at her belt. Five, five daggers was all she had left, and she wouldn't be as agile – thanks to the mud – in melee combat. She'd have to save them for a sure hit.
She began to throw her view back over her shoulder, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the soldiers after her, but the answer was not one she liked. 
“Fuck...” she muttered to herself,
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Pounce by kingsmexy Pounce :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 0 0
First Date
I want to make things clear THIS HAS GIRL x GIRL PAIRING also I DO NOT OWN BELLE OR ANY OTHER DISNEY PRINCESS (THIS IS NOT A DISNEY FANFIC JUST USES THEM AS REFERENCES) idea came to me from a mix of three different songs (All of them country but that doesn't matter) Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks, Cleaning this Gun by Rodney Atkins, and All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood. Critique the story not my music preference (I listen to all but Rap). Anyways, Enjoy!
"Welcome, please make yourself at home," Mrs. Thompson said, pointing me towards the living room, "I'll be there with some tea, or would you like coffee?"
"I'm fine, but thank you for asking. Is, uh, Alyssa done yet?" I asked, slowly making my way down the small hall she pointed towards.
"Just a moment longer, she wanted things to be perfect," she answered, turning down the opposite direction to the kitchen. Anxiously, I made my way forward towards the living room, where her dad was sitting, back to m
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Different (Revised as of 10/25/13)
It's funny how something so simple as your ears can get you ostracized. In the case of Sarah her ears were quite unique. Well, they were unique for a human. It wasn't very often that a girl appeared with cat ears, much less one with a tail and golden irises too. Real cat ears and a real cat tail. Just like anything strange she was harassed, attacked, and bullied because of them. It started even when she was young. Her parent's put her up for adoption, leaving her at an orphanage. She was constantly reminded by the other kids that she was a different, strange, a freak, a monster. They laughed at her, pulled on her ears and tail, and even left collars around the place with her name on it. She tried to hide her ears and tail using hats, large clothes, and contacts but she'd always be the cat monster to everyone else.
Like all things Sarah grew up and was now in elemetary school. She had gotten close to some girls, when she still tried to hide her abnormality. They had welcomed her in even
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Writers Block
People are so easily affected by their feelings. That is true of Wakana Sakai. Frustrated she chewed on the end of her pencil as she blankly stared at the blank sheet music in front of her. She looked over at the garbage can to her left and saw the dozens of crumpled paper just strewn about as she missed the basket. She let out a sigh and drooped her head in between her arms. There she closed her eyes reminiscing about high school, particularly her third year. It was then that she had made her friends, it was then that she got over her grief of her mother's death, and it was then that she realized many things about herself.
Contrary to what she thought before then she was now majoring in music in college, specifically composition. It wasn't without help from her friends that she had re-realized her love of music, sadly many of them had parted ways after high school. Sawa had gone to a Jockey school that overlooked her height and allowed her in. Wein had returned to Austria and was now
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Losing the Act
It wasn't everyday that I found myself staring down the barrel of a gun, in fact this was the first. Somehow I was calm. I just stared forward looking into the barrel of the gun held up to my head. I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that I was going to be blown out like a candle. Moments passed and my long dirty-blond hair whipped around my face from the wind in the cramped back alleys that I often used as a shortcut to my house. The gun reflecting in my blue-gray eyes that just stared, blank and emotionless, at the gun. There was no life flashing before my eyes nor any regrets that I secretly wanted fulfilled. Slowly the man began to pull his index finger towards his body. Suddenly a shout erupted from behind the man causing him to spin around and a plume of red showered onto me from the man who had, just previously, been smiling a sadistic smile explaining just how he was going to kill me. I did not smile, I did not scream, I just watched as I always did.
:iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 3 5
Karen by kingsmexy Karen :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 0 0 Feather by kingsmexy Feather :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 3 0
Dear Diary... Mary's Diary
Ask and you shall receive!
June 8th, 2011
Today this boy confessed to me. I don't know but he just didn't work. I mean sure he was handsome but I felt... nothing... He is pretty popular and I'm thinking I might accept his confession but *Unintelligent scribbles* I just don't know! I mean I should like him right? At least all of my friends have crushes on him. Arg! I just don't know... I'm going to sleep on it and see if anything changes...
June 9th, 2011
Nothing... Nothing has changed... Not only did I end up not deciding what to do but he also wants his answer after school today... ARG! If I develop a case of Marie Antoinette Syndrome* I'm going to kill someone!
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Ice Cream Burger by kingsmexy Ice Cream Burger :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 2 2 Greed by kingsmexy Greed :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 1 0 Snow White by kingsmexy Snow White :iconkingsmexy:kingsmexy 0 0

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Ruhrpottpatriot Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
Would it be possible to upload chapter 8 and later of "Betrayal" to either DA or fanfiction? Your tumblr account is sadly offline, and fanfiction only has chapter 1-7 and your website only 11 and 12, so there is a good chunk of it missing.
I don't mind an unrefined story, so no worries with reworking it.
kingsmexy Featured By Owner Edited May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Chapter 8 is currently in the works and is not posted at this time. Life has been difficult. Not to mention my desktop is out of the image right now. However, I plan (once finals are over) to get back to working and getting the chapters out. Also I need to update that I took down the tumblr page because I was getting followed by a lot of porn blogs and well... That is really awkward when it pops up on your phone "Big-cocks-in-horny-girls liked your post". I know I could disable those and I do plan to recreate it eventually. As for the website I should take that down. I haven't even looked at it in ages. Much less updated it.

Edit: also sorry for the late reply. Like I said finals and stuff getting in the way.
Ruhrpottpatriot Featured By Owner May 22, 2015
So if I understand it correctly, you have chapter 1-7 finished and 8-10 are not done (yet), but Ch. 11&12 are done? I am a little bit confused.
kingsmexy Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Those are from before I began reworking the story. I had gotten up to eleven and hit a huge road block. I had done some planning, but had not gotten to my intended goal. So, I began a reformation of sorts. The first chapter stayed mostly the same, but after that it changed. My end goal is still the same, but I made events more believable and planned out my route. I have no intentions to rewrite again, and am very happy with the place of the story. So to simply answer your question, I have chapters 1-7 done; however, the old version had gone up to chapter 12. Thank you for reminding me that I need to pull those stories though! Since I removed the original from fanfiction. Feel free to ask any more questions if you still are confused.
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KookieMastahArt Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thx for the watch :iconlachoirplz: :hug:
kingsmexy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
No problem! Just keep up the good work!
Sora9317 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch! :D
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